teambuilding activiteiten

Extreme conditions ensure an unseen challenge: "This is the real thing! The whole day is devoted to action, skill and daring. The trail is full of obstacles and challenges, team spirit is the common thread during this incredible adventure.
From a maiden flight over the sea to a trip in private jet to the capital of the Champagne region where a tasting awaits you? Oysters in St. Malo with an extra luxurious touch or a transfer from Brussels to the coast for your speakers?
100 years after World War I, Flanders Event Maker organized the Battlefield tour. Have a seat in our helicopter and see what is left of WWI.
With mountain bikes through the woods and dunes? Or do you prefer to bike in the 'Flemish Ardennes' and follow in the footsteps of numerous famous cyclists? We propose the most suitable tour for you with expert guidance.
Do you want to unwind with your colleagues? We offer different packages for this active team building, accessible to all! Who has the most strikes and comes in at first place?
Budokai-do is an effective and realistic combat sport with Nepalese origin. A variety of techniques are at the basis of this sport. During the initiation we focus on the basics but self-defense and concentration are also covered. Are you ready?
Think: glamour of the 50s. Think: Dita Von Tease! During this all women's workshop we'll look for more glamour, more sexiness and more femininity. The transition to 'burlesque bomshell' is soft and quiet; everyone will enjoy it.
A luxury coach with guide for a tour of the region? Transportation for your company to the location of the event by minibus? We provide you the ideal transportation.
Fancy a casino night ‘Las Vegas style’? Roulette and blackjack make you feel like you are in a real casino. Anyone will enjoy this and the winner gets a present.
Create your own three chocolate dishes assisted by Belgian top chocolate confectioners, e.g.: assorted nuts and raisins, caraque and chocolate rock biscuits. You will also learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of chocolate.
No classic car quest this time, you'll love these 2CV or 'two horsepower' cars (better known in French as 'deux chevaux'). You hit the road together with your team.
Every participant has all necessary cocktail tools at his disposal. Our professional barmen will learn you how to make two different cocktails. After having made them, we take time to enjoy our own-made drink.
Taste drumming on real djembes. Here you'll be faced with culture as a universal language. The stroke and rhythm, communication through sounds enhance the feeling of togetherness.
vang een garnaal
Step into the boots of the famous shrimp fishermen and savor your own catch! Belgian 'grey' shrimps are since long prepared artisanal.
Entered coordinates lead you from one clue to another. Found information, correct answers and completed tasks provide extra points and the right route. A fun and exciting treasure hunt where you work together towards the finish line!
Fly above your company, or take a picture of your region or house. You can see the sea from a very different side. Enjoy your first flight. You will never forget this experience. A unique moment for friends, family or colleagues.
golf initiatie
Have you always wondered if a new Tiger Woods lurks in you? During this Golf initiation you and your team can test your abilities. The ones with no experience, will be introduced to the principles of golf.
A murder was committed! Who is the suspect? What was the murder weapon? What was the motive for the crime? Intrigue, passion, hatred or envy? Imagine yourself to be part of a murder story, assisted by a group of actors.
Cruising the region in a relaxed way, discovering the beauty travers well-known and lesser-known towns and streets. Gather points by answering questions. During our car quest, we combine all of the above!
Feel the latino vibes! Welcome to the sensual world of Salsa. Our professional salsa teacher will teach you the basic steps of this great dance.
If you like wind and beach and you are not afraid of speed, then the sand yacht is really your cup of tea! It is not as difficult as it seems. After basic instructions, you can go yachting yourself. You will be surprised by the speed.
Wine, champagne or beer? Brandy, whiskey or gin? Or what about a unique combination of wine and chocolate? The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours!
Visit now the Thornthon bank. Fly by helicopter over the well-known wind park at the North Sea or visit the bank by boat. 60 wind turbines, a futuristic energy park which gains annually electricity for 600.000 people.
Paddling, awaiting the right wave and trying a take-off! Surfing is probably one of the most upcoming sports in recent years. Under the guidance and supervision of a monitor, you'll learn and try to catch that wave.
Enjoy an excellent night with a delicious dinner. Experienced cooks teach you how to make a three-course menu (seasonal).
Hit the road with our professional photographer. During this workshop you'll be taught the base of a good photo and how to get a picture technically good. You'll be introduced to the world of diaphragms, shutter speeds and flashes.